14th SITIS 2018: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

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Track IWECA: Intelligent Web Computing and Applications IWECA-S1: Data Mining and Uncertainty

IWECA-S1: Data Mining and Uncertainty

Track SIVT: Signal Image and Vision Technology

SIVT-S1: Object Detection and Recognition

SIVT-S2: Theory and Methods (1)

SIVT-S3: Segmentation-Classification

SIVT-S4: Face and Facial Characterisation Recognition

SIVT-S5: Theory and Methods (2)

SIVT-S7: 3D Imaging

SIVT-S8: Application

SIVT-S10: Image Enhancement/Filtering

Workshop CITIMA: Computational Intelligence Techniques for Industrial and Medical Applications

Session CITIMA - S1

Workshop IWAIIP: Artificial Intelligent Approaches for Image Processing

Processing Session IWAIIP- S1

Session IWAIIP- S2

Workshop KARE: Knowledge Acquisition Reuse & Evaluation

Workshop MIRA: Multimedia Information Retrieval and Applications

MIRA-S1: Machine Learning Techniques on Multimedia Retrieval and Classification

Workshop NAMDAC: Numerical Algorithms and Methods for Data Analysis and Classification

Workshop OBIS: Open Business Intelligence Systems

Workshop UBIO: Ubiquitous Implicit Biometrics and Health Signals Monitoring for Person-Centric Applications

Joint Session TR LHNA - WS DARWIN

Joint Session TR IWECA - WS MIRA


Joint Session SIVT S6 - WS COMI

Joint Session SIVT S9 - WS HTBA

Joint Session WS UBIO - WS CITIMA

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