29. UIST 2016: Tokyo, Japan

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Opening Keynote Address

Session 1A: Fabrication

Session 1B: Touch and Beyond

Session 2A: TUI

Session 2B: Interaction Techniques

Session 3A: Touch It, Feel It

Session 3B: Dev Tools

Session 4A: Touch

Session 4B: Sensing

Session 5A: Viz

Session 5B: Physical Displays

Session 6A: Information & Obfusc**ion

Session 6B: Video & Audio

Session 7A: Fab with New Materials

Session 7B: Text Entry

Session 8A: Crowds

Session 8B: Electronics Printing & Prototyping

Session 9A: Reality

Session 9B: Creativity

Session 10A: Innovative Interaction

Session 10B: Gesture

Closing Keynote Address

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