Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures (WADS)

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      17th WADS 2021: Virtual Event

      16th WADS 2019: Edmonton, AB, Canada

      15th WADS 2017: St. John's, NL, Canada

      14th WADS 2015: Victoria, BC, Canada

      13th WADS 2013: London, ON, Canada

      12th WADS 2011: New York, NY, USA

      11th WADS 2009: Banff, Canada

      10th WADS 2007: Halifax, Canada

      9th WADS 2005: Waterloo, Canada

      Franco-Canadian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms

      8th WADS 2003: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

      7th WADS 2001: Providence, RI, USA

      6th WADS 1999: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

      5th WADS 1997: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

      4th WADS 1995: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

      3rd WADS 1993: Montréal, Canada

      2nd WADS 1991: Ottawa, Canada

      1st WADS 1989: Ottawa, Canada

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