Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 35

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Volume 35, Number 1, February 2016

Editorial Articles

Volume 35, Number 2, May 2016

Shape M&M Editing, Sketch & Drawing Fabrication Image Editing & Processing Character Animation HDR Imaging Terrains & Fluids Data-driven Images Fluid Simulation Global Illumination Meshes Rendering Techniques Curves & Surfaces Shadows Faces & Motion Deformable & Soft Objects Texturing & Compression Geometric Modeling Visualization Video Images & Geometry Cloth & Animation State of the Art Reports

Volume 35, Number 3, June 2016

High-Dimensional Data Networks and Graphs 1 Structures, Clusters, and Patterns Charts and Glyphs Biological Data Visualization Volume Data Applications Prediction and Forecasting Coordinated Views and Interaction Design Networks and Graphs 2 Time Series Data and Sequences Flow Visualization Volume Data Visualization Text and Document Data Geospatial Data Visualization Geospatial Data visualization Geospatial Data Visualization Story, History, and Evolution Biomedical Visualization Distributed Visualization