Journal of the ACM, Volume 68

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Volume 68, Number 1, February 2021

Complexity Theory Distributed Algorithms Algorithms Programming Languages Programming Languages and Logic Invited Article Foreword Concurrency Theory

Volume 68, Number 2, March 2021

Algorithms and Cryptography Computational Geometry Economics and Computation Machine Learning Invited Articles Foreword Logic and Computation Distributed Algorithms for Radio Networks

Volume 68, Number 3, May 2021

Cryptography Algorithmic Game Theory Parameterized Complexity Theory Networking Logic and Computation Quantum Computing Invited Article Foreword Distributed Computing

Volume 68, Number 4, August 2021

Queuing systems Logic and Computation Algorithms and Data Structures Machine Learning Complexity Theory Computational Complexity Invited Article Foreword Computational Geometry

Volume 68, Number 5, October 2021

Computational Complexity and Cryptography Algorithms Quantum Cyptography Concurrence Theory Model Semantics Coding Theory Invited Articles Foreword Database Theory Distributed Computing

Volume 68, Number 6, December 2021

Algorithms Programming Languages Algorithms and Data Structures Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Structures Complexity Theory Distributed Computing Invited Article Foreword Database Theory
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