Journal of the Franklin Institute, Volume 349

Volume 349, Number 1, February 2012

Short Communications

Volume 349, Number 2, March 2012

Advances in Guidance and Control of Aerospace Vehicles using Sliding Mode Control and Observation Techniques
Editorial Part 2. Aircraft and Hypersonic Vehicle Control Part 3. Unmanned Air Vehicle and Spacecraft Formation Control Part 4. "Missile guidance and control" Part 5. "Helicopters Control"

Volume 349, Number 3, April 2012

Volume 349, Number 4, May 2012

Special Issue on Optimal Sliding Mode Algorithms for Dynamic Systems Cluster 2: Sliding Mode Based Robustification of Optimal Solutions Cluster 3: Sliding Mode Control for Stochastic Systems Cluster 4: Optimal Sliding Mode in Applications

Volume 349, Number 5, June 2012

Special Section on Nonlinear Multiresolution algorithms and Applications
Special Section Editorial Regular Articles Short Communication Corrigendum

Volume 349, Number 6, August 2012

Regular Articles Short Communication