IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume 13

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Volume 13, Number 1, January 1995

Speech and Image Processing Systems Mobile and Personal Communication Systems Signal Processing for Modulation, Demodulation, and Equalization

Volume 13, Number 2, February 1995

Overview Channel Models and Power Control Capacity Performance Analysis and Modulation Techniques Accessing and Networking Issues Atenna Beamforming Speech Encoding/Quality

Volume 13, Number 3, April 1995

Volume 13, Number 4, May 1995

Physical Media Performance and Congestion Control Network Design End System Architecture Applications

Volume 13, Number 5, June 1995

Volume 13, Number 6, August 1995

Theories for Networks Connections with Statistical Mechanics Statistical Multiplexing in ATM Nodes Qualities of Service Guarantees, Scheduling Resource Management in Networks New Approaches to ATM Control and Estimation

Volume 13, Number 7, September 1995

Pricing, Billing Network Design Network Control Feedback Control of Networks Network Protocols Wireless Network

Volume 13, Number 8, October 1995