Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, Volume 2

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All papers published in volume 2 were presented at the

VLDB 2009

Number 1 contains papers from research sessions

Number 2 contains papers from industrial sessions and demo sessions

Editors: Serge Abiteboul, Volker Markl, Tova Milo, Jignesh Patel

Volume 2, Number 1, August 2009

Research Sessions
Scientific Databases and Provenance Information Filtering and Dissemination Stream Processing I Database Search and Ranking Sensor Networks Information Integration Stream Processing II Cloud Computing and Data Warehousing XML and Unstructured Data Web Data Integration Query Processing on Modern Hardware Approximate Matching and Estimation P2P and Networked Data Management Transaction Processing Probabilistic and Fuzzy Databases Data Integration I Data Quality Data Mining I Query Estimation Parallelism Graph Data Mining Social Networks and Recommendations Privacy I Potpourri Data Mining II Novel/Advanced Applications Privacy II Query Optimization Meta Data Management Database Services and Preferences Data Integration II Nearest-Neighbor Processing Mining and Privacy Spatial Query Processing Index Interactions and Database Manageability Experiments

Volume 2, Number 2, August 2009

Industrial Sessions
Automatic Data Management XML Data Management Query Processing MapReduce Business Data Management Experiences and Lessons