How does dblp handle arXiv publications?

dblp processes arXiv metadata in the following way:

It is important to understand that from the perspective of bibliographic metadata, papers published on arXiv are an independent publication, even if they are closely linked to other publications hosted at, say, a commercial publisher (e.g. a "full version" or even an identical copy). For example, it is quite common for dblp to list the same research contribution in both the arXiv version and the version of the conference proceedings and/or journal article. Such articles can be cited individually and require their own metadata; they are never merged in dblp.

By default, all arXiv publications are understood as preprints and are therefore labeled as "informal publications". If a paper turns out to be part of a conference proceedings or journal series that just happens to be hosted at arXiv (e.g. as an "overlay journal"), then the type labeling will be adjusted as soon as we become aware and the corresponding series' volume is processed.

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