Can I upload a PDF or link to an author's copy of my paper?

dblp is a bibliography, not a repository. We do not provide means to host any documents. Hence, you cannot upload your paper to dblp.

We do index the core bibliographic meta data of scholarly publications, and we do provide a hyperlink to official electronic editions in the publishers' digital libraries (where the access to full texts may be limited or subject to subscription payments). This usually done automatically by us without your assistance needed. If you ever find that we missed to link to an official digital library of a volume, we are of course grateful when you notify us.

While we fully support open access to scholarly publications, we unfortunately do not have the resources to manage hyperlinks to freely available individual author versions of research papers. Furthermore, our experience has shown that hyperlinks pointing to resources outside of established digital libraries or repositories become broken really fast, and usually leads to an increased workload on our end. Hence, if you really need to make the PDF of an author version available via dblp, we encourage you to upload a copy of your paper to one of the big pre-print repositories indexed in dblp (e.g., CoRR at These papers will be added to dblp automatically.

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