How are data annotations used in dblp.xml?

Most data fields in dblp XML records can provide attributes type, label and aux. The use of these attributes is limited at the moment but we are plannning a more extensive use in the future. Each attribute is used for a specific purpose.

Attribute type

The following vocabulary is defined for the attribute type (note that this list is subject to changes as we extend the vocabulary).

Element note

Note is a very generic data element that holds additional information for publication records or person records (person records represent information about an author, such as the affiliation). Depending on the type of record, different vocabularies are defined. At the moment, attribute type is used mostly for element note. The following values are defined:

record type
publicationsourceDenotes the source of the record metadata.
publicationisbnAn ISBN number. Usually, isbn numbers are provided in the isbn element. A note with type isbn is used if an isbn is assigned to multiple publications.
publicationdnbA DNB GND resource URL for the document.
publicationurnA URN of the document.
publicationdoiThe DOI of the document. Usually, DOIs in the ee element. A note with type doi is mostly used if a DOI is assigned to multiple publications.
publicationreviewidDeprecated: id of a review paper identifying the document which was reviewed. Historically used for
publicationratingDeprecated: rating given as part of a review. Historically used for
personaffiliationName of institution associated with the person.
personunicode name (future: uname)

Name of the person, using numeric unicode entities.

<note type="unicode name">&#30333;&#30363;</note>

personawardName of an award held by this person.

Name of another person who might be confused with this author. Used rarely, mostly when authors with similar name have common coauthors or work at the same institution.

Element ee

The ee element stores a link to an external electronic resource (e.g., a web page provided by the publisher, or a pdf document). The following vocabulary is defined for the type attribute of ee elements:

oaThe field contains a link to an openly accessible version of the publication.
archiveThe resource is no longer available. The ee field is retained for lookup in the wayback machine (see

Attribute label

The attribute label can store free text. For some use cases, we have defined content guidelines. We expect most strings stored in the attribute label to follow these guidelines. However, we do not guarantee compliance (e.g., in case of an unforseen situation that requires a specific content)

The following sections describe use cases with content guidelines:

note element with type affiliation


<note type="affiliation" label="X">University of Trier</note>

The label attribute describes the time the author spent at this institution. Note that for most affiliations, we do not provide these data as they are often difficult to determine. The following values of label are common:

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