How to cite the dblp data set?

Please restrain from citing the daily XML dump file dblp.xml (or even using it in your experiments at all) which is found in the parent directory of the release folder given below. This file is rebuild every day from scratch, and researchers aiming to reproduce your experiments will not be able retrieve the same file you did. The daily XML dump file is only intended for services built on top of dblp that require daily updates.

Each month, a persistent snapshot dump of the dblp XML data is archived in this folder:

We strongly encourage you to use these snapshot releases for your experiments and to cite them by their persistent URLs in published articles. This will allow your experiments to be reproducible in the future.

When citing dblp, we suggest using a reference like this (updating the date and URL appropriately):

The dblp team: dblp computer science bibliography. Monthly snapshot release of November 2019.

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