How can I convince dblp to index journal or conference X?

We are currently working to establish a more transparent, web-based process for the application of new venues to dblp, but we are not finished yet.

In the mean time, please just send a proposal of the respective journal or conference via email to one of our team members. In your proposal, you should provide a statement addressing how the minimum  standards  for the inclusion to dblp are met by the journal or conference.

We can only refer journal and conference volumes, for which the bibliographic meta data is openly available in the web (e.g., on the website of the publisher). If this is not the case, please submit also the meta data for the conference or journal volume you propose to index using the dblp input format .
Please understand that, due to the large number of inquiries we receive, we cannot answer all incoming requests. Please also understand that if you do not get a reply from us, then this does not mean that your mail has been ignored or your request has been rejected. It may as well be the case that your requests will be processed as soon as we can spare the resources.
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