9th IEEE CLOUD 2016: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Research Track

Session 1: Cloud Resource Scaling

Session 2: Cloud Security I

Session 3: Cloud Security II

Session 4: Power Management

Session 5: Cloud Stream Processing

Session 6: Best Student Papers

Session 7: Cloudware

Session 8: Cloud Modeling

Session 9: Cloud Performance Management I

Session 10: Cloud Performance Management II

Session 11: Data Analytics in Cloud

Session 12: Best General Papers

Session 13: Cloud Testing

Session 14: Cloud Workflow Management

Session 15: Software Engineering Practice in Cloud

Session 16: Cloud Applications

Session 17: Data Sharing

Applications Track

Session 1: Cloud Application Programming

Session 2: Resilience

Session 3: Scalability

Session 4: Cloud Software Management

Session 5: Cloud Infrastructure Management

Session 6: Performance

Session 7: Resource Management

Session 8: Cloud Resources

Session 9: Cloud Privacy and Trust

Session 10: Cloud Security Monitoring

Session 11: Energy Modeling

Session 12: Cloud Data Storage

Session 13: Delay Optimization

Session 14: VM/Container Management

Session 15: Scheduling Algorithms

Session 16: Novel Cloud Applications

Session 17: Cloud Infrastructure

Short Paper Track

Session 1: Cloud as a Service

Session 2: Cloud Infrastructure

Session 3: Cloud Management and Operations I

Session 4: Cloud Management and Operations II

Session 5: Cloud Security