ASPLOS 2020: Lausanne, Switzerland

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Keynote 1: Big Data of the Past, from Venice to Europe.

Session 1A: Privacy and security in machine learning - In ML we trust???

Session 1B: Edge/intermittent computing support - Life is too short!

Session 2A: Smart peripherals - Outside the box.

Session 2B: Dynamic compilation - Who moved my cheese?

Session 3A: ACID - Trippy!

Session 3B: Automata - Hopping around the states.

Session 4A: Huge memories and distributed databases - Now I remember!

Session 4B: Speculation and consistency - Brain teasers.

Session 5A: Frameworks for deep learning - Layering the ML cake.

Session 5B: Exotic architectures - Keep architecture weird!

Keynote 2: Current and projected needs for High Energy Physics Experiments (with a particular eye on CERN LHC)

Session 6A: Datacenter/cloud power/performance - Managing the beast.

Session 6B: Memory behavior - Where did I put it?

Session 7A: Virtualized environments - Take the blue pill.

Session 7B: Streaming computational models - In the flow!

Session 8A: Speculation and security - Life after meltdown.

Session 8B: Evaluation techniques - Accelerating accelerator adoption.

Session 9A: Persistent data structures - Keep all cats in mind!

Session 9B: Virtualized acceleration - Don't keep it real!

Session 10A: Tensor computation and data orchestration - Playing musical chairs!

Session 10B: Mobile/intermittent applications - Off and on again?

Session 11A: Enclaves and memory security - Who will guard the guards?

Session 11B: Quantum computing - Who says you can't watch two talks at once?

Session 12A: Storage - Cache is the answer, what is the question?

Session 12B: Memory management - I forgot.

Session 13A: Persistence and correctness - Or... persistent correctness?

Session 13B: Accelerators - Holding hands!

Session 14A: Security with little performance loss - Fast and furious!

Session 14B: SIMT - So many instructions, multiple tricks!

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