22nd ICSE 2000: Limerick, Ireland

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Invited Presentations

Components and COTS

Software Architecture and Product Families

New Perspectives on Software Engineering

Data Analysis

Testing I

Evolution and Reuse

Component-Based Systems

Software Engineering Training

Testing II

Software Architecture

OPen Source and Software Markets

Software Engineering Education

System Model Derivation

Model Checking

Program Analysis I

Empirical Studies

Web-Based Systems

Case Studies

Program Analysis II

Review and Inspection Techniques

Verification and Proofs

Visual Techniques

Technology Transfer "in the large"

Professionalization of Software Engineering

Experience with a Product Line and Family Approach

Technology Transfer as an Explicit Business and Process Issue

Support for Effective Project Estimation

Technology Transfer in the Internet World

From Research to Business Success

Practical Experience: Company Case Studies I

Practical Experience: Company Case Studies II


Teachin Demos

Doctoral Workshop

Research Demos