26th SEKE 2014: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Metrics Analysis and Utilization

Performance Analysis and Evaluation

Software Development

Mobile Applications

Software Product Line

Ontology and Knowledge Discovery

Testing: Network Protocols, Models and Development

Testing: Generation of Tests and Unit Tests

Prioritization of Tests and SVN Analysis

Object-Oriented Programming

Architecture: Analysis and Self-Adaptation

Architecture: Synthesis and Implementation

Testing: Randomness, Implementation and Event-Based

Software Assurance I


Control Experiments in Use

Collaborative Software Development

Data Analysis and Quality in Software Development

Agile Development: Quality, Effort and Documenting

UML: Transformation, Semantics and Model Generation

Agents: Components and Application


Web: Service Composition, Mining and Recommendation

Business Process: Models, Rules and Management

Requirements: Verification and Utilization

Software Development Aspects

Clustering and Feature Analysis

Release Evaluation and Change Analysis

Ontology and Database Access Control

Software Project, Information and Skills

Repositories: Utilization and Analysis


Management and Software Engineering Education

Machine Learning and Prediction

Software Knowledge and Inf. Representation

Risk Management

Software Runtime Aspects

Security: From Requirements to Data

Software Assurance II

Social Networks and Ontology-based Search

Social Networks, Representation and Influence Measurement

Product Lines and Business Process

Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning

Database Usage and Refactoring

Testing and Economical Aspects

Poster and Demo