24th CCS 2017: Dallas, TX, USA

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Keynote Talk

Session A1: Multi-Party Computation 1

Session A2: Human Authentication

Session A3: Adversarial Machine Learning

Session A4: Browsers

Session A5: Cryptocurrency

Session B1: Multi-Party Computation 2

Session B2: Passwords

Session B3: Investigating Attacks

Session B4: Privacy Policies

Session B5: Blockchains

Session C1: Oblivious RAM

Session C2: World Wide Web of Wickedness

Session C3: Machine Learning Privacy

Session C4: From Verification to ABE

Session C5: Using Blockchains

Session D1: Functional Encryption and Obfuscation

Session D2: Vulnerable Mobile Apps

Session D3: Logical Side Channels

Session D4: Crypto Primitives

Session D5: Network Security

Session E1: Hardening Crypto

Session E2: Securing Mobile Apps

Session E3: Physical Side Channels

Session E4: Adversarial Social Networking

Session E5: Privacy-Preserving Analytics

Session F1: Private Set Intersection

Session F2: Insights from Log(in)s

Session F3: Crypto Pitfalls

Session F4: Private Queries

Session F5: Understanding Security Fails

Session G1: Searchable Encryption

Session G2: Bug-Hunting Risks and Rewards

Session G3: Crypto Standards

Session G4: Voting

Session G5: Hardening Hardware

Session H1: Crypto Attacks

Session H2: Code Reuse Attacks

Session H3: Web Security

Session H4: Formal Verification

Session I1: Post-Quantum

Session I2: Information Flow

Session I3: Personal Privacy