25th CIKM 2016: Indianapolis, IN, USA

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Keynote Address 1

Session 1a: Recommendation

Session 1b: Deep Learning Applications

Session 1c: Document Classification and Labeling

Session 1d: Better Queries

Session 1e: Better Search

Session 1f: Industry Session I

Session 2a: Learning to Rank

Session 2b: Question Answering

Session 2c: Wikipedia

Session 2d: Clustering

Session 2e: Understanding Text

Session 2f: Industry Session II

Session 3a: Graph Analytics

Session 3b: Event Detection and Analytics

Session 3c: Crowdsourcing

Session 3d: Mobile

Session 3e: Social Networks---Links and Trust

Session 3f: Industry Session III

Keynote Address 2

Session 4a: Information Retrieval

Session 4b: User Behavior and Interfaces

Session 4c: Documents

Session 4d: Knowledge Mining and Management

Session 4e: Truth Discovery

Session 4f: Industry Session IV

Session 5a: Sentiment and Opinion Mining

Session 5b: Time Series

Session 5c: Learning for Classification and Prediction

Session 5d: Social Media

Session 5e: Queries and Search

Session 5f: Industry Session V

Keynote Address 3

Session 6a: Learning Algorithms

Session 6b: Databases and Data Processing