37th ICCD 2019: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Session 1A: Optimized Design Methodology

Session 1B: Accelerators and Machine Learning I

Session 2A: Architectural Advances for IoT Applications

Session 2B: Architecture & Compilers II

Session 3A: Advances in the Design and Implementation of Neural Networks

Session 3B: Storage Systems

Session 4A: Innovation on Safety and Security for Robust Real-Time Systems

Session 4B: Processor and Memory Architectures

Session 5a: IoT Covert Channel Attacks in Air-Gapped Networks

Session 5B: Miscellaneous topics in Test, Verification, and Security

Session 6a: Hardware and Software Implementations for Efficient PostQuantum Cryptography

Session 6B: Architecture & Compilers I

Session 7A: Advances in Power, Thermal and Timing Aware Optimization

Session 7B: EDA for Non-Logic Issues and Non-CMOS Technologies

Session 8a: Robust Hardware Design with Machine Learning

Session 8B: Accelerators and Machine Learning II

Session 9A: Innovative Circuits for Improved Power Consumption andPerformance Characteristics

Session 9B: Hardware Security

Session 10A: Miscellaneous Topics in Computer Systems I

Session 10B: Machine Learning Techniques for Innovative Energy-EfficientSolutions

Session 11A: Miscellaneous Topics in Computer Systems II

Session 11B: Processor and Memory Architectures

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