ICPP 2019: Kyoto, Japan

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Best Paper for ICPP 2019

T1A: Memory Architectures

T1B: Workflow and Data Analysis Systems

T1C: Data Centers

T2A: Memory Optimizations

T2B: Parallel Systems Algorithms


T3A: Parallel Architectures

T3B: Scheduling

T3C: I/O Systems

T4A: On Node Optimization

T4B: Parallel Algorithms 1

T4C: Communication Architectures

T5A: System Software for GPUs

T5B: Parallel Algorithms 2

T5C: Networking

T6A: Accelerator Applications

T6B: Fault Tolerance

T6C: Applications 1 - Simulations

T7A: Programming Systems and Runtimes

T7B: Performance Modeling

T7C: Simulation Techniques

T8A: Deep Learning

T8B: Tools and Their Use

T8C: Applications 2 - Emerging Applications

T9A: Neural Networks

T9B: Parallel Data Structures

T9C: IoT and Edge Computing

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