34th SIGGRAPH 2007: San Diego, California, USA - Courses

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Course 1: Computational photography

Course 2: Mesh parameterization: theory and practice

Course 3: Sketch-based interfaces: techniques and applications

Course 4: State of the art in massive model visualization

Course 5: Introduction to Direct3D 10

Course 6: Anyone can cook: inside Ratatouille's kitchen

Course 7: Introduction to SIGGRAPH and computer graphics

Course 8: High-quality rendering using ray tracing and photon mapping

Course 10: An interactive introduction to OpenGL programming

Course 11: Practical least-suqares for computer graphics

Course 12: "Surf's Up": the making of an animated documentary

Course 13: A gentle introduction to bilateral filtering and its applications

Course 14: Urban design and procedural modeling

Course 15: Example-based texture synthesis

Course 16: Practical global illumination with irradiance caching

Course 17: Spatial augmented reality: merging real and virtual worlds

Course 18: Resumes and demo reels: if yours don't work, neither do you!

Course 19: Sorting in space: multidimensional, spatial, and metric data structures for computer graphics applications

Course 20: Visualizing quaternions

Course 21: Database techniques with motion capture

Course 22: LucasArts and ILM: a course in film and game convergence

Course 23: Geometric modeling based on polygonal meshes

Course 24: GPGPU: general-purpose cmputation on graphics hardware

Course 25: The mobile 3D ecosystem

Course 26: The morphology of digital creatures

Course 27: Anyone can make quality animated films! The eight basic steps to success