16th WOWMOM 2015: Boston, MA, USA

Session 1A: Video Streaming

Session 1B: Mobility & Handover Management

Session 2A: Dynamic Offloading and Scheduling

Session 2B: Mobility Management in WSNs

Session 3A: WSN Data Dissemination and Gathering

Session 3B: Content-Centric Architectures for Multimedia

Session 4A: Dynamic Spectrum Access

Session 4B: Internet of Things

Session 5A: Localization and Positioning

Session 5B: Security and Privacy Issues

Session 6: Ph.D. Forum

Session 7A: Network Analysis and Diagnosis

Session 7B: Opportunistic Networks and Prediction Mechanisms

Session 8A: Resource management and QoS/QoE provisioning

Session 8B: Topology-Aware Networking

Session 9A: Modeling, Measurements and Performance Analysis

Session 9B: Video Broadcast & Distribution

Work-In-Progress Papers



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