CLEF 2010: Padua, Italy - Notebook Papers/LABs/Workshops

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Intellectual Property (CLEF-IP)

CLEF-IP - Prior Art Candidate Search task

CLEF-IP - Classification task

Cross Language Image Retrieval (ImageCLEF)

ImageCLEF - Wikipedia Retrieval

ImageCLEF - Medical Retrieval

ImageCLEF - Robot Vision

ImageCLEF - Photo Annotation

Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship, Social Software Misuse (PAN)

PAN - Plagiarism Detection

PAN - Wikipedia Vandalism Detection

Multiple Language Question Answering 2010 (MLQA10)

MLQA10 - Reports from ResPubliQA

MLQA10 - Position Papers

MLQA10 - Invited Talk

Searching Information about Entities in the Web (WePS)

WePS - Web People Search

WePS - Online Reputation Management

Cross-lingual Expert Search (CriES)

Logfile Analysis (LogCLEF)

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