52nd STOC 2020: Chicago, IL, USA

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Session 1A: TSP

Session 1B: Proof Complexity and Applications of Logics

Session 1C: Distributed and Parallel Algorithms I

Session 2A: Dynamic Algorithms

Session 2B: Boolean Function Analysis and Algebraic Complexity

Session 2C: Cryptography

Session 3A: Distributed and Parallel Algorithms II

Session 3B: Quantum (Inspired) Computation

Session 3C: Privacy and Fairness

Session 4A: Graph Theory and Algorithms

Session 4B: Coding and Information Theory

Session 4C: Learning and Testing

Session 5A: Best Paper

Session 5B: Best Student Paper

Session 6A: Strings and Sequences

Session 6B: Complexity I

Session 6C: Optimization

Session 7A: Approximation Algorithms

Session 7B: Quantum Computation

Session 7C: Continuous Optimization / Machine Learning

Session 8A: Fine-Grained Complexity

Session 8B: Complexity Theory II

Session 8C: Algorithmic Game Theory and Matchings

Session 9A: Online Algorithms

Session 9B: Randomness in Computing

Session 9C: Streaming, Sketching, and Big Data

Session 10A: Graph Theory and Fixed-Parameter Tractability

Session 10B: Complexity Theory III

Session 10C: Data Structures / Big Data

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