Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST)

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31st UIST 2018: Berlin, Germany

30th UIST 2017: Quebec City, QC, Canada

29th UIST 2016: Tokyo, Japan

28th UIST 2015: Charlotte, NC, USA

27th UIST 2014: Honolulu, HI, USA

26th UIST 2013: St. Andrews, UK

25th UIST 2012: Cambridge, MA, USA

24th UIST 2011: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

23rd UIST 2010: New York, NY, USA

22nd UIST 2009: Victoria, BC, Canada

21st UIST 2008: Monterey, CA, USA

20th UIST 2007: Newport, Rhode Island, USA

19th UIST 2006: Montreux, Switzerland

18th UIST 2005: Seattle, WA, USA

17th UIST 2004: Santa Fe, NM, USA

16th UIST 2003: Vancouver, BC, Canada

15th UIST 2002: Paris, France

14th UIST 2001: Orlando, Florida, USA

13th UIST 2000: San Diego, CA, USA

12th UIST 1999: Asheville, USA

11th UIST 1998: San Francisco, CA, USA

10th UIST 1997: Banff, Alberta, Canada

9th UIST 1996: Seattle, WA, USA

8th UIST 1995: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

7th UIST 1994: Marina del Rey, CA, USA

6th UIST 1993: Atlanta, GA, USA

5th UIST 1992: Monteray, CA, USA

4th UIST 1991: Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA

3rd UIST 1990: Snowbird, Utah, USA

2nd UIST 1989: Williamsburg, West Virginia, USA

1st UIST 1988: Alberta, Canada

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