32nd UIST 2019: New Orleans, LA, USA

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Keynote&Invited Talks

Session 1A: Knitting, Weaving, Fabrics

Session 1B: Software and Hardware Development

Session 2A: Augmented and Mixed Reality

Session 2B: Media Authoring

Session 3A: Soft, Silky, Stretchy

Session 3B: Accessibility

Session 4A: VR Headsets

Session 4B: Human-Robot Interaction

Session 5A: Statistics and Interactive Machine Learning

Session 5B: Physical Displays

Session 6A: Fabrication

Session 6B: Haptics and Illusions

Session 7A: Text

Session 7B: Haptics

Session 8A: Sensing

Session 8B: Touch Input

Session 9A: Walking, Jumping, Roaming

Session 9B: 3D and VR Input

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