24th EUSIPCO 2016: Budapest, Hungary

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Advances on Linear-in-the-Parameters Nonlinear Filters and Their Application to Audio and Speech Processing - I

Bio-Inspired Signal Processing

Compressive Sensing Applications

Image and Video Processing - I

Multimedia Signal Processing

Poster I

Unraveling Brain Networks from Functional Neuroimaging Data

Trends and New Challenges in Calibration of Phased Array in Radio-Astronomy

Towards Next Generation Ultra-high-throughput Copper Technology

Structured Low-Rank Matrix Approximation and Completion Problems in Signal Processing

Sparsity-Based Techniques for Microwave Imaging

Poster II

Reliable and Secure Quantum Communications

Advanced Statistical Models and Methods for Image Processing

Recent Advances in Medical Image Restoration

Signal Processing and Communications for Sensor Networks Powered by Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer