8th LREC 2012: Istanbul, Turkey

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Session O1 - Corpora for Machine Translation

Session O2 - Infrastructures and Strategies for LRs (1)

Session O3 - Semantics

Session O4 - Speech corpora

Session P1 - Anaphora and Coreference

Session P2 - Tools, Systems and Evaluation

Session P3 - Lexical Resources

Session P4 - Annotation and Corpora

Session O5 - Crowdsourcing (Special Session)

Session O6 - Dialogue and Multimodality

Session O7 - Machine Translation and Language Resources (1)

Session O8 - Corpus Processing and Infrastructure

Session P5 - Information Extraction (1)

Session P6 - Word Sense Disambiguation and Evaluation

Session P7 - Multiword Expressions and Term Extraction

Session P8 - Authoring Tools, Proofing

Session O9 - Endangered Languages

Session O10 - Document Classification, Text Categorisation

Session O11 - Discourse (1)

Session O12 - Word Sense Disambiguation