43rd SIGIR 2020: Virtual Event, China

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Keynotes and Invited Talks

Session 1A: NeuIR and Semantic Matching

Session 1B: Knowledge and Explainability

Session 1C: Graph-based Analysis

Session 2A: Knowledge for Personalization

Session 2B: User Behavior and Experience

Session 2C: Evaluation

Session 3A: Bias and Fairness

Session 3B: Learning to Rank

Session 3C: Question Answering

Session 4A: Query and Representation

Session 4B: Graph-based Recommendation

Session 4C: Neural Networks and Embedding

Session 5A: Domain Specific Applications 1

Session 5B: Learning for Recommendation

Session 5C: Information Access and Filtering

Session 6A: Neural Collaborative Filtering 1

Session 6B: Domain Specific Applications 2

Session 6C: Context-aware Modeling

Session 7A: Conversation and Interactive IR