Communications of the ACM (CACM), Volume 44, 2001

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Volume 44, Number 1, January 2001

Practical Programmer The Business of Software Viewpoint Democracy in an IT-Framed Society Internet Voting for Public Officials Articles Technical Opinion Inside Risks

Volume 44, Number 2, February 2001

The Profession of IT Staying Connected On Site Securing Network Software Applications Intellectual Property for an Information Age Inside Risks

Volume 44, Number 3, March 2001

The Business of Software Digital Village The Next 1000 Years - Tools and Technologies Red Flags Software Solutions Education Inside Risks

Volume 44, Number 4, April 2001

Practical Programmer The Profession of IT Viewpoint Agent-Oriented Technology for Telecommunications Articles Thinking Objectively Inside Risks

Volume 44, Number 5, May 2001

From Washington Digital Village On Site Viewpoint

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