18th CIKM 2009: Hong Kong, China

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KM information extraction I

IR web search

DB XML data processing, filtering, routing, & algorithms

IR domain specific retrieval II

KM information extraction II

IR personalization & social search II

DB string databases, blogs, & social search

KM advance mining techniques

KM text mining

IR crawling & indexing

DB novel data management & data mining tools

KM semantic techniques & applications

KM graph mining

IR evaluation

DB information integration, data provenance, probabilistic databases

Industry information retrieval

KM information filtering and recommender systems

IR ranking and retrieval models I

DB streams, network databases

Panel information extraction meets relational databases: where are we heading?

KM classification and clustering II

IR domain-specific retrieval I

DB data warehousing and OLAP

Industry data mining framework and applications

KM link analysis and social computing

KM data summarization

Industry data and query similarity

IR personalization and social search I