CSCW 2013: San Antonio, TX, USA

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Keynote talks

Into the petri dish: culture and collaboration

On the record: information and communication in medical contexts

Source work: social factors in software development

Gesture and touch

<3CI: technology supporting relationships

Sharing and privacy

Mining social media data



Collaboration and sharing in scientific work

Making the world a better place

Group and team issues in the health domain

Trust, credibility, and rumors: international perspectives


Local is where it's at

Working together

Computer-mediated communication

Understanding people's practices in social networks

Wikipedia supported cooperative work

Ideology, politics, and social curation: recent work on twitter

Not lost in translation?

Social media analysis and interventions

Collaboration in creative communities

Controversy, arguments, rule breakers, and policies

Big issues for CSCW to consider

Technology to support family connections

Searching: better together?


Crowding out the competition

Computer supported young people

Leveraging a social network