23rd ACM-EC 2022: Boulder, CO, USA

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Best Paper and Best Paper with Student Lead Author

Exemplary Track Papers

Session 1A: Decision Theory

Session 1B: Online Matching and Ridesharing

Session 1C: Blockchains

Session 1D: Robust Auction Design

Session 2A: Equilibrium in Games

Session 2B: Prophet Inequalities

Session 2C: Social Networks

Session 2D: School Choice and Object Reallocation

Session 3A: Empirics of Online Platforms

Session 3B: Pricing

Session 3C: Social Learning

Session 3D: Mechanism Design I

Session 4A: Online Platforms and Fairness

Session 4B: Fair Division and Prediction Markets

Session 4C: Bayesian Persuasion

Session 4D: Auctions with Budget-Constrained Bidders

Session 5A: Mechanism Design with Learning

Session 5B: Voting

Session 5C: Estimation Methods

Session 5D: Mechanism Design II

Session 6A: Contract Design

Session 6B: Strategic Data Sharing and Attacks

Session 6C: Recommendations

Session 6D: Auctions and Bargaining

Session 7A: Information Design

Session 7B: Multi-Dimensional Mechanism Design

Session 7C: Learning to Play

Session 7D: Stable Matching

Session 8A: Online Matching

Session 8B: Information Elicitation and Crowdsourcing

Session 8C: Market Design Applications