CHI 2008: Florence, Italy

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Socio-Cultural Impact

Interactive Image Search

Stories and Memories

Don't Interrupt Me

Invited Session: Usability Evaluation Considered H

Human-Robot Interaction

Learning Support

Trust and Security


Improved Video Navigation and Capture

Visual Synthesis

Touch and Target Selection

Green Day

Kid's Stuff

Collaborative User Interfaces

Aesthetics, Awareness, and Sketching

Data Collection

Health and Wellness

I am here. Where are you?

Physiological Sensing for Input

Policy, Telemedicine, and Enterprise


Beyond End-User Programming

Dignity in Design

Knowledge Elicitation

Tools for Education

Sound of Music

Healthcare in the Developing World

Displayful and Displayless

Friends, Foe, and Family

Cognition, Perception, and Memory

Exploring Web Content

Measuring, Business, and Voting

Multiple and Large Displays

Mixed-Initiative Interaction

Help Me Search

Online Social Networks