SIGCSE 2023: Toronto, ON, Canada - Volume 1

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Keynote Talks

Forming and Evaluating Student Groups

CS0/CS1 Skills, Confidence, and Languages

K-12: Standards & Policies

K-12: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Building Inclusive Communities

Upper-Division Course Design and Context

Code Tracing and Assessment

Online Authors' Corner 1

Teaching and Assessing Cybersecurity

Inclusive Design and Ethics 1

Computer Science and Mathematics

Instructor Perspectives

AI/ML Literacy, Activities, and Fairness

K-12: Broadening Participation in Computing

CS1 Pedagogical Innovations 1

Integrating Ethics in Computing Education


Social and Humanitarian Computing

Teaching Assistant Training & Expectation

K-12: Pedagogical Innovations 1

Teaching Formal Methods

Detecting Plagiarism and AI Code Generation

Online Authors' Corner 2

Understanding Programming Error Messages

K-12: Curricula and Teacher Programs

Computing and Liberal Arts

Alternative Grading

Inclusive Design and Ethics 2

K-12: Identity in High Schools

Culture and Pipeline in Computing

Tracking Time in Programming

Collaborative and Peer-Led Teamwork

Assessing and Predicting Student Performance

Online and Remote Learning

Code Style and Quality