SIGCSE 2012: Raleigh, NC, USA

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Plenary session

Computer curricula 2013: update

Scrum across the CS/SE curricula

Special session

Paper: data structures and algorithms

Paper: robots

Paper: K-6 collaborations

Paper: tools

A stratified view of programming language parallelism for undergraduate CS education

Special session

Community-based projects for computing majors: opportunities, challenges and best practices

Paper: games

Paper: professional experiences

Paper: a session with a view

Paper: pedagogy: programming

Science fiction in computer science education

Diversity initiatives to support systemic change for women in undergraduate computing

Special session

Paper: broadening participation

Paper: online collaboration

Paper: middle school collaborations

Paper: new tricks for the classroom

Plenary Session

Teaching mathematical reasoning across the curriculum

Special session

Paper: CS1: new ideas

Paper: team work

Paper: summer experiences

Paper: software engineering

Special session

Special Session

Paper: collaborative learning

Paper: curriculum issues

Paper: active learning I

Paper: communication skills

Special session

Teaching outside the text

Special session

Paper: projects

Paper: alice and scratch

Paper: active learning II

Paper: non-majors

Special session

Implementing evidence-based practices makes a difference in female undergraduate enrollments

Paper: high school collaborations

Paper: parallelism and concurrency

Paper: mobile computing

Paper: visualization

Rediscovering the passion, beauty, joy, and awe: making computing fun again

Special session

Paper: attracting majors

Paper: OS and distributed computing

Paper: curricular innovations and research

Paper: CS education research