ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI 2018: Chicago, IL, USA

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Keynote & Invited Talks

Session 1: Emerging Computing, and Post-CMOS Technologies

Session 2: Secure Design of Multi-Core and Cryptographic Systems

Session 3: Interconnects and Manycore Management

Session 4: Low Power Variation Aware Circuit Design

Session 5: The World of Neural Networks

Session 6: New Solutions for Classic IP Protection Challenges

Session 7: Machine Learning and HW Accelerators

Session 8: Scalable Simulation: Parallel and Approximate Computing

Session 9: Test and Fault Tolerance

Session 10: Memory Architectures

Session 11: Modern Routing: from Timing, Reliability to Machine Learning

Special Session 1: Powering Heterogeneous IoT Systems: Design for Efficiency, Security and Sustainability

Special Session 2: Emergence of Silicon Photonics in High-Performance Computing: How can the VLSI Community Contribute

Special Session 3: Circuits and Systems for Autonomous IoT Devices

Special Session 4: Implementing and Benchmarking Post-Quantum Cryptography in Hardware

Special Session 5: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Special Session 6: Stochastic and Approximate Computing for Emerging Learning and Communication Systems

Poster Session 1

Poster Session 2

Keynote & Invited Talks

Special Session 5: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge


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