39th DAC 2002: New Orleans, LA, USA

Wall street evaluates EDA

Web and IP based design

Design innovations for embedded processors

Passive model order reduction

New perspectives in physical design

Panel: Tools or Users: Which is the Bigger Bottleneck?

Life after CMOS: Imminent or Irrelevant?

Formal verification

High level specification and design

Timing abstraction


Panel: Analog Intellectual Property: Now? Or Never?

Low-power system design

Fabric-driven logic synthesis

Memory management and address optimization in embedded systems

Optics: lighting the way to EDA riches?

PANEL: Nanometer Design: What Hurts Next...?

Novel DFT, BIST and diagnosis techniques

Case studies in embedded system design

Theoretical foundations of embedded system design

Equivalence verification

PANEL: Whither (or Wither?) ASIC Handoff

Embedded software automation: from specification to binary

Applications of reconfigurable computing

New test methods targeting non-classical faults

How Do You Design a 10M Gate ASIC?

Power distribution issues

Advances in synthesis

Analog synthesis & design methodology

Low-power physical design

PANEL: Unified Tools for SoC Embedded Systems: Mission Critical, Mission Impossible or Mission Irrelevant?

Multi-voltage, multi-threshold design

Advanced simulation techniques

Design methodologies meet network applications

Advances in analog modeling

Advances in timing and simulation

Formal Verification Methods: Getting around the Brick Wall

Routing and buffering

System on chip design

Timing analysis and memory optimization for embedded systems

Processors and accelerators for embedded applications

PANEL: What's the Next EDA Driver?

Cross-talk noise analysis and management

Test cost reduction for SOCS

Scheduling techniques for embedded systems

Designing SoCs for yield improvement

Advances in SAT