SIGCSE 2022: Providence, RI, USA - Volume 1

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Automated Assessment

Data Science

Undergraduate Research Experiences

IDEA - Multilingual Computing

Pedagogical Libraries and Tools

Online - Sharing Experiences and Infrastructure

Collaboration - Peer Assessment

Predicting Success

Writing/Professional Communication

IDEA - Accessibility


Motivation and Student Voice

Perspectives and (Mis)conceptions

Ethics - Proposals and Counternarratives

Correlational Studies

Code Quality

Collaboration - Pedagogical Strategies

Promoting Successful Academic Behaviors

IDEA - Belonging

K-12 - Policy Trends and Considerations

Online - Comparing Tools

Collaboration - Group Health

Reducing Curricular Barriers

Ethics - Integrating Contents

CS1 Teaching Techniques

K-12 - Developing the Evidence Base

Interdisciplinary Computing

Learning Analytics

IDEA - Culture and Structures

K-12 - Fostering Partnerships



IDEA - Understanding Variation in Experiences

Considering Math

Cultivating a Security Mindset

Collaboration - Team Formation

Higher Ed Faculty Development

Training and Deploying Teaching Assistants

IDEA - Gender

Cybersecurity Teaching Tools

Service Learning

Virtual Session: Instructional Strategies