CVPR 2007: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Oral session 1A: Matching and Features

Oral session 1B: Motion Segmentation and Tracking

Posters: Learning and Pattern Recognition 1

Posters: Optical Flow and Tracking 1

Posters: Sensing, Photometrics, and Image Processing 1

Posters: Segmentation 1

Posters: Shape 1

Posters: Navigation and SLAM

Oral session 2A: Enhancement 1: Blur and Resolution

Oral session 2B: Medical

Posters: Learning and Pattern Recognition 2

Posters: Recognition and Detection 1

Posters: Faces and Biometrics 1

Posters: Geometry and Structure-From-Motion 1

Posters: Surveillance and Change Detection

Graphics and Computational Photography

Oral session 3A: Learning and Shape

Oral session 3B: 3D and Geometry

Oral session 1: Recognition, Learning, and Optimization