47th DAC 2010: Anaheim, CA, USA

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Special session: Post-silicon validation or avoiding the $50 million paperweight

Speed up your model! RTL, data-flow, or SystemC

Embedded software timing matters!

Thermal tracking, monitoring and characterization

Advanced clock design and flip-chip layout


Special session: Virtualization in the embedded systems: where do we go?

Memory and multiprocessor design space exploration

Interconnect networks: present and future

Core techniques in formal verification

New frontiers in routing


Special session: Joint DAC/IWBDA special session engineering biology: fundamentals and applications

Reliability and integrity of circuits and systems

Embedded hardware for security, data type refinement, and arbitration

Statistical techniques for silicon-to-model correlation

Placement: from traditional techniques to novel circuit styles


Special session: A decade of NOC research - where do we stand?

Exploiting concurrency for system-level performance

Data Access Times Define Performance!

Tools for effective post-silicon validation and test

Shapes and statistics: manufacturability and yield


Special session: The analog model crisis - how can we solve it?

Application-driven network-on-chip design

Exploiting FPGA-specific features for robustness and efficiency

Leakage estimation and optimization

Logic synthesis is alive and kicking


Special session: Design closure for reliability

Energy-efficient embedded hardware design and management

Parallel and efficient techniques in circuit simulation

Thermal management and optimization

Catch of the day in benchmarking and optimal synthesis


Special session: WACI: wild and crazy ideas

Algorithms and architectures for emerging technologies