SIGCSE 2020: Portland, OR, USA

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Opening Keynote

Paper Session: Security A

Paper Session: Student Experiences

Paper Session: Automated Systems

Paper Session: Learning A

Paper Session: CS 2

Paper Session: Accessibility

Paper Session: Mentoring

Paper Session: Problem Solving

Special Session: CC2020 -- Visualization Tool Preview and Review

Panel: Researching Race in Computer Science Education: Demystifying Key Vocabulary and Methods

Panel: RESET (Re-Enter STEM through Emerging Technology)

Panel: Using Data to Inform Computing Education Research and Practice

First Timer's Lunch Keynote & 2020 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community

Paper Session: Data Science A

Paper Session: Diversity

Paper Session: CS0

Paper Session: BPC Initiatives

Paper Session: Math&CS

Paper Session: Ethics&Academic Integrity

Paper Session: Student Motivation

Special Session: The Cambridge Handbook of Computing Education Research Summarized in 75 minutes

Special Session: SIGCSE Reads 2020: Author Discussion and Q&A

Panel: The Impact of CS for All on College Placement in Computer Science

Panel: Who Has a Seat at the Table in CSed?

Panel: Institutions Share Successes, Failures, and Advice in Moving the Diversity Needle

Paper Session: Novice Programmer Behaviors

Paper Session: CS Instruction

Paper Session: CS1/CS2

Paper Session: CS + X

Paper Session: Code Analysis

Paper Session: Computing for Social Good

Paper Session: Collaboration

Special Session: Assignments that Blend Ethics and Technology

Panel: Teaching TAs To Teach: Strategies for TA Training

Panel: To Grade or Not To Grade

Panel: Integrating Computing and Computational Thinking into K-12 STEM Learning

Panel: Improving Global Participation in the SIGCSE Technical Symposium

Morning Keynote&2020 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education

Paper Session: Learning B

Paper Session: Elementary School Experiences

Paper Session: BPC

Paper Session: Rubrics and Evaluation

Paper Session: Faculty

Paper Session: Computing Education Research

Paper Session: Database

Special Session: Activities for Building Understanding: How AI4ALL Teaches AI to Diverse High School Students

Special Session: An Update on the ACM Data Science Taskforce

Panel: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Hindsight is 2020)

Panel: What and How to Teach Accessibility

Panel: Supporting Student Co-Curricular Experiences

Paper Session: Software Engineering

Paper Session: Middle School Experiences

Paper Session: Gender

Paper Session: Exam Format