DATE 2012: Dresden, Germany

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Keynote Addresses

Validation of Modern Microprocessors

Memory System Optimization

Architectures and Efficient Designs for Automotive and Energy-Management Systems

Physical Design for Low-Power

Optimized Utilization of Embedded Platforms

Special Session - Hot Topic - EDA Solutions to New-Defect Detection in Advanced Process Technologies

Beyond CMOS - Benchmarking for Future Technologies

Effective Functional Simulation and Validation

Industrial Design Methodologies

Large-Scale Energy and Thermal Management

Model-Based Design and Verification for Embedded Systems

Improving Reliability and Yield in Advanced Technologies

Hot Topic - Design Automation Tools for Engineering Biological Systems

Interactive Presentations

Routing Solutions for Upcoming NoC Challenges

Industrial Embedded System Design

System-Level Power and Reliability Estimation and Optimization

Embedded Tutorial - State-of-the-Art Tools and Techniques for Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Compilers and Source-Level Simulation

Advances in Test Generation

Special Day E-Mobility - Embedded Systems and SW Challenges

Panel - Accelerators and Emulatiors for HS Verification

Medical and Healthcare Applications


Shared Memory Management in Multicore

Scheduling and Allocation

Testing of Non-Volatile Memories

Interactive Presentations