DATE 2015: Grenoble, France

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Adaptability for low power computing

System level design methods

Automotive systems and smart energy systems

Power of assertions

Design and analysis of dependable systems

Compilation and code transformations for reconfigurable computing

Passive implementation attacks and countermeasures

Loop acceleration

Tackling memory walls with emerging architectures and technologies

Breaking simulation boundaries

Model-based analysis and verification

Hot topic - design methodologies for a cyber-physical systems approach to personalized medicine-on-a-chip: challenges and opportunities

Interactive presentations

Implementation and verification of security components

Multi-/manycore scheduling

Exploring reliability and efficiency tradeoffs at the architectural level

Industrial test and validation experiments

Online testing and reliable memories

How resilient are emerging technologies?

Hardware trojan and active implementation attacks

Variability challenges in nanoscale circuits

Emerging technologies for NoCs

Critical embedded systems

Analyzing and improving memories

Architectures and design for cyber-physical systems

Interactive presentations

Special day hot topic: platforms for the IoT

Physical unclonable functions

Emerging low power techniques

Bridging the Moore's law gap with application-specific architectures