CHI 2016: San Jose, CA, USA

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Social Media and Location Data

How Fast Can You Type on Your Phone?

Front Stage on Social Media

Families and Assistive Technology

3D Virtual Space

Mining Human Behaviors

Behavioral Change

Vulnerable Populations and Technological Support

Online Behaviors

Collaborative Fabricatio? Making Much of Machines

Learning Feedback

Visual Design Principles for Unconventional Displays

Privacy - Social and Geolocated

Social Media Engagement

Computer Supported Parenting

Personal informatic Dear Data

Older Adult Support

Real Reality Interfaces

Sociotechnical Assemblage, Participation, Interaction & Materiality

Thinking Critically

Prototyping for Fabricatio, 3D Designing, Modelling & Printing

Learning @ School

Learning Facilitaton

Paying Attention to Smartphones

Interaction Design for Audio Interfaces

Living Healthy

Designing Quality in Social Media

Physical and Digital Collections

Augmented AR and VR Experiences

Technological Care for Autism

Sustainability, Design and Environmental Sensibilities

Authentication and Privacy